Why I Am Moving To Miami!!!

June 13, 2021

I have been longing to move to Miami my entire life! The hype of Miami is taking me there. I will be listing down all the reasons to move to Miami to show you why the build-up in our minds about Miami is legitimate!

Beaches & Sea Adventures

Beaches & Sea Adventures

Miami is known for its beaches. It is a city on the beach, not just a beach city.

Sea adventures in Miami make you explore the insider locations, landmarks, natural areas, historical sights, aquatic preserves, and marine parks take you closer to the aesthetic beauty of nature & far away from the city life!

Amazing Nightlife

Amazing nightlife

Miami has tons of entertainment at night.

The Winter Music Conference – a giant week-long electronic music party, night Tours, the Art Deco, Cruises, Air tours, Art Walks, 1000s of nightclubs, live jazz performances, outdoor movies, and music!

It does not even feel like nighttime! You can go out seven days a week! Yeah! The entire week!

Astonishing Wildlife

Astonishing wildlife

Everyone loves wildlife! Wildlife brings you closer to nature.

Alligators, turtles, deer, wild hogs, raccoons, and crocodiles! You name it, and you can see that wildlife in Miami! The jungle trail & the alligator show takes you closest to nature. The wildlife experience is the best in Miami!



Miami is a warm place to live. No matter what time of the year, grab your beach sandals, and you can be on the beach!

Light shower daily in the summers for just about 10 minutes! It is perfect for a city by the beach!



Miami is known for its authentic Cuban food. Hialeah in Greater Miami, and you will find legit and affordable Cuban food there in particular.

Stone crabs, Fish sandwich, Arepas, a Cuban sandwich, Key lime pie, Chicharron, Traditional fritas, and Chicken & watermelon waffles are a must-try in Miami!

Affordability, Walkability & Great Healthcare

Affordability, Walkability & Great Healthcare

The lifestyle in Miami is affordable when compared to other metropolitan cities. The perks of Miami would not bring a hole in your pocket.

Depending on where you are residing, most of Miami is walkable. And if it is not walkable, public transportation is there to save us. Public transportation is safe.

People here are living a healthy lifestyle! The hospitals are one of the best ones in the USA. The healthcare sector is reliable and preferable!

The Art and Museums

The Art and Museums

Museums show the heritage of art and show that the art culture has grown in Miami! Miami has a booming art scene, and to understand that museums are the best!

Global Hub – Culturally Diverse

Global Hub - Culturally Diverse

Miami proves it right always! Miami is open to new cultures. There are a lot of cultures in Miami, and people welcome all of them!

People are friendly, and Miami accepts all the cultures! Art, language, museums, theatres, operas, broadway shows, and festivals in just one city! The culture is growing and growing in Miami! And who does not want to grow with culture?

Money! Money! Money!

Money! Money! Money!

Getting a bit technical, but it takes money to survive! Miami’s tax structure gives an edge over other urban areas. Businesses in Miami are free from a lot of taxation policies.

A lot of tax savings and a lot of tax exemptions!!
Assisting people to save their hard-earned money!!

The adventures, beaches, healthcare, culture, art, weather, and food attract me to Miami!

After reading this, don’t you feel like moving to Miami? Miami is one of the best cities to reside in!

Do let me know if you have any other reason to move to Miami! I would love to know that. Share any cons also in the comments, so that everyone knows about that as well!

XOXO Megan

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