My New Favorite Tahini Sauce

April 4, 2022

Sooooo, by now y’all know that I love anything healthy. Whether it be healthy food or healthy lifestyle tips. I’m gonna be the first to know. 

I was scrolling through the instagram explore page one day, as I came across SoCo(@seedsofcollaboration). They are a female owned Tahini sauce business. For those that may not know what Tahini is, think of it like Hummus’ cousin. People often eat Tahini sauce with greek or Mediterranean food. It’s delicious and super good for you. The consistency is similar to peanut butter, but more watered down. I immediately fell in love with SoCo, so I knew I had to have some. Within just a few days of emailing with their amazing team, I received a beautiful package at my apartment. It was filled with a thank you card, goodies and two jars of Tahini. One was pesto flavored while the other was the original( they call it artisanal). Literally, only thirty minutes later, I was enjoying my first taste of SoCo. I paired the pesto one with roasted vegetables. I was blown away by how fresh it tasted. Not only could I taste the pine nuts and basil, but it made me feel full so quickly. I truly felt so happy eating each bite because I knew that the ingredients were clean. It didn’t cause a flare up on my face. As someone who suffers from cystic acne, so many food products cause breakouts. Things like dairy, soy, high sugar or high sodium can cause painful breakouts for me. 

I highly recommend this product for anyone who has major food allergies, sensitivities or is looking for the perfect addition to their girl’s night charcuterie board. Check out the Soco website below!

Their Instagram:

WATCH my full reel reviewing their pesto flavor!



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