How I really feel about Miami…

March 27, 2022

So, as many of you know, I moved to this amazing city in August. On a whim, I trusted my gut feeling and moved here from Nashville. Not knowing many people and being a single 26 year old gal. It was scary AF, vulnerable AF and I just was nervous AF. In July 2021, I had a life changing career opportunity that made me fall in love with this city. It was miami swim week, where I got to co host the red carpet for sports illustrated magazine’s runway show! It had been a long time manifestation come true. 

From the Cuban food, the hot Latin men and just the overall culture. I wanted to come here and see where life took me. So I uprooted from Nashville and made the jump. There’s a quote that I love, “take the leap than the parachute will appear”. I think often times in life, we procrastinate or worry too much about the negative possible outcomes. Well, I didn’t worry. I just did the dang thing. I feel that I’ve learned so much in miami. From overcoming chronic homesickness, to my traumatic date( I’ve talked about before in a previous video) to navigating being a 20 something. It’s all taught me so much about being resilient and strong in times of constant change. 

I’ve also learned to be proud of my race and ethnicity. Something not many people talk about is how much race plays an impact in Miami. In a mainly Cuban and Latin city, I’ve been the victim of racism. Something I’ve never really experienced. I grew up in a tiny suburb bubble outside of San Francisco. So being here in miami, I’ve learned that I’m the minority. From being called some pretty harsh names while going on runs to being given dirty looks while grocery shopping. It’s something I never expected to be the victim of. Miami is truly an intimidating city. With beautiful people, enviable bodies, luxury everything and just a boujee lifestyle. It can feel easy to fall into a toxic cycle of going out, dropping hundreds if not thousands on bottle service and cover fees. It’s tropical, humid and sunny all the time.

That’s one thing I love, the weather! You feel like you’ve had a facial everyday. One of my favorite things to do is go walking each morning and night, to soak in that warm, humid air. It reminds me of Hawaii, when you step off the plane and immediately smell that fresh floral air.From the healthy food spots on every block, to boutique coffee shops galore it’s a city that you’ll never be bored in. Some of my favorite areas to shop and walk are in coral gables, design district and sunset harbor. With the palm trees and beautiful homes, they are perfect for strolling on a Sunday to manifesting your future mansion. 

Sometimes though, TBH, I have second thoughts about moving here. I’ll think about what my life would have turned into had I stayed in Nashville. Thoughts like, “would I still be single?” Or “where would my career have gone?” All race throughout my mind. Yet, since I have a lot of experience in the mental health space, I do have to be my own therapist sometimes. I know that ruminating (replaying the past) is not healthy as well as playing out fantasies. In life, we all have choices, right? Sometimes we choose with our left side or our right side of the brain. Basically more logical vs intuitive. I tend to make most choices with a healthy balance. I list out pros and cons, think of how It will make me feel in the future and the long term side effects. Not just for me, but for those that I love and surround myself with. 

I make peace with the fact that I moved to Miami. I don’t regret it. I think things happen for a reason and we may not realize now, but eventually it falls into place. Being here, I found a new level of inner drive that I didn’t know existed. I’m in love with the woman I’m becoming. At 26, no I didn’t think I would still be single or trying to translate the language barrier between my Uber drivers and I- but oddly enough, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 




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