My Favorite Beauty Spots In Miami!

March 20, 2022

As you all know, one of my favorite ways to practice self care is simple beauty! Nothing makes me feel better then getting my eyebrows lamented or a cryofacial! Seriously, these beauty hacks have made me feel confident on days when I didn’t feel it. I wanted to share these special places with you guys!! Just to clarify, I live in downtown Miami, not South Beach. So each place that I list, is in my area!  They are very affordable and have the best customer service. 

1.) IBrows by Monica 

My favorite eyebrow/lash place in Miami! I swear, Monica is a genius and so talented. I get the simple eyebrow lamination. I naturally have pretty thick, dark eyebrows so I just like to get them filled in and lamented. My treatment costs $80 and lasts about 4-5 weeks if you follow her instructions for post treatment care! They make me feel so snatched! 

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2.) Bon-Bonite Nail Salon

One of my favorite nail salons in Wynwood area. I go maybe every month for a gel mani/pedi, and not only is it only $50 for both but it also lasts so long!! I’ve never found another place that is super affordable yet high quality. I like it because its small, not many people go and they are always so professional! 

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3.) Miami Glow Tanning 

If you’re looking for a good, quick tan then you have to check out Miami Glow! I’ve used them a handful of times prior to photoshoots or just because I needed a good pick me up. They can come to your apartment or home also! She’s tanned many celebrities including Gigi Hadid, so she knows what she is doing! I’ve used some other spray tan artists in Miami, but I do like this one! I also use self-tanner at home for the in-between. 

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4.) The Cryo Room 

If you’re like me and have acne scars or maybe redness on your face, these facials are perfect for you! They are only ten minutes long and they are ice cold air blown through a hose! It’s so cold, but the air shrinks pores, produces collagen and is very anti-aging. I typically get one cryofacial every three weeks! In between, I do ice my face at home daily! 

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5.) House of Mane 

This is my favorite hair salon in Wynwood. It’s so dreamy inside, truly reminds me of Los Angeles. They offer typical haircuts, balayage and blowouts. My haircut is around $175, which I get every 4-5 months. I do layers and side bangs! The service is phenomenal, I do recommend this place for a wonderful haircut!! 

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