Dealing With a Toxic Relationship? Check This Out!

September 15, 2022

Goodbye F*^&boys

I always lived by quotes. From the time I was 9 years old, my parents were constantly telling me just how powerful my thoughts were. We as a family would watch the movie the secret(which is about the law of attraction) and my parents also allowed me to post pictures from magazines all over my bedroom walls. As a teen, that’s how I expressed myself, by visualizing the future I wanted. I grew up in a family that wanted me to “dance through life” and trust my feelings when making choices. How lucky was I? To have had that childhood that everyone dreams of. My parents always told me, “Megan, you have the answer within you”. It was like that quote Oprah says, “In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy always had the power to go home all along. She only had to click her heels three times”. That’s still one of my favorite quotes to this day. 

So, flash forward to being 26, single and in living an adventurous life in Miami. When I met *Ivan, on Hinge. I thought he was the ONE very early on. There were fireworks, rainbows and even unicorns. Yes I did just say unicorns. Our connection was unique and special. We could talk about life for hours and never get bored. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. By date number three, I knew that *Ivan(name changed for privacy reasons) was NOT for me. How did I know that though? I knew within my gut because of an old mantra that I learned while working at Afterbuzz TV. It was a TV hosting studio in Los Angeles. I used to be a host there, a few years back. I hosted the Schitt’s Creek after show. My old boss, Maria Menounos( E! News, Access Hollywood and ET Tonight) had a quote posted on the wall inside that read “Create Solutions not Excuses”. That’s something that struck a cord so deeply within me and that’s how I got out of that relationship.

The truth is, I was addicted to feeling better, while *Ivan was addicted to feeling bad. I know that in this world, there are two types of people. Those that create solutions and are high vibe, go getters who are genuinely happy. They take responsibility for the success in their life and are very self aware. Then, there are those that create excuses. They constantly complain, are negative and create chaos wherever they go. Those are probably some of the most low vibrational people. They have a dark cloud always over them. They blame other people and external situations for their circumstances. They complain yet never truly change. I believe that they are afraid to pause and look at themselves in the mirror. Avoid excuse people! They will drag you down with them. I want you to know what you deserve to be surrounded by positive people who love life.

I hope this helps you make that tough choice. Whether it be in a relationship or in your career, ask yourself this: “Does my partner/coworker/boss/roommate/ husband/ wife have the same mindset as me?” “Do they create solutions or excuses?”.




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