About Megan


Welcome to my site! Glad you’re here! If you haven’t heard….My name is Megan Gallagher!

I’m a 26-year-old 2x TEDx Speaker, Fitness Lover, 4x Best selling Author, Mental Health Speaker, Writer for Afterbuzz TV & Contributor for Medium. While growing up I struggled with anxiety and body image issues. I vividly remember feeling so anxious and feeling not pretty “enough”. Despite having my challenges, I loved being on stage, helping others and being goofy.

I’m so glad god gave me these obstacles because it inspired me to embark on the path of using my positivity for good!

Do you need a speaker at your female empowerment panel? I’m your girl. Do you need a model for your Nike campaign? I’m your girl also! I do it all and I enjoy every single second!

So, take a look around my site and contact me! I have my 4 books,  lifestyle blogs, newsletters and wellness hacks for everyone!



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