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What does being well looks like in 2021?



Emotionally + Mentally + Spiritually + Physically

In 2021, these things all look a little different. We all need to come TOGETHER and create a healthy environment. Whether it’s your workspace, home or virtual classroom….

We all need to be sharing tips for having a positive, healthy and compassionate life.

With all of the major events of this past year, our life as we know it is changing at such a rapid pace, making our anxiety levels higher than ever before.

Everyone of all ages, races and genders are feeling triggered and stressed.

Who can help guide the way to a new healthy future? Megan Gallagher, a mental health advocate, can share  tips for adapting to these changes and how we all can create a healthy work space. Whether your office is virtual or socially distanced, we all could use a fresh perspective from a young millennial on how to thrive as we move towards a bright future.

At just 25 years old, Megan has a unique perspective on mental health and how we can use certain tools to thrive in today’s generation, for our mental benefit.




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