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In 2019, so many teenagers are constantly overwhelmed and uneducated about mental health, self-care and connecting to their bodies. From ages 6-17, Megan struggled severely with chronic anticipatory anxiety and panic attacks. She craved a place where she could go and feel heard and seen for her struggles. After starting therapy at 13 years old, she began down the path of journaling, EFT tapping, meditation, exercising regularly, establishing morning/nighttime routines and seeing therapists. Now, at 23, she is the role model that she always wanted to be for others. After starting her business at 20 years old, she went to toastmaster public speaking meetings, started a blog, made a Youtube channel and spoke for free at every YMCA and Boys&Girls Club she could find! After three years of hard work, things took off! She landed a TEDx talk and currently travels the Country and speaks at Middle Schools and High Schools about anxiety, loving yourself and being your own advocate in life. She believes that our pain is our purpose and hopes to inspire the younger generation by sharing her story.


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