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What is wrong with the current school system? It’s that schools are NOT setting teenagers up for real life, long term success. Why is it so common that teenagers + young adults are anxious, confused, overwhelmed, depressed and burnt out. It’s because they’ve never been TAUGHT to take care of themselves and to look within for answers. Well, that’s where Megan Gallagher comes in. Megan is a 24 year old 2x TED Talk speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, AfterBuzz TV Host, Anxiety Advocate for Teens + Host of The Reaching New Heights Podcast. After Megan’s own experiences with chronic anticipatory anxiety, panic attacks, body image issues and feeling not good enough- she noticed a lack of open, honest conversations amongst her peers in High School. They had 1 or 2 assemblies PER YEAR about “Say No To Drugs” or “Here’s How To Get Into This Ivy League College”, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of “Why AREN’T they talking about real life?”. She assumed she was the only 15 year old, sit-in in that school gym, who felt anxious. That moment stuck with Megan and after healing through years of cognitive behavioral therapy, EFT tapping, Hypnotherapy + practicing at home self care routines, Megan decided to turn her pain into something beautiful. She moved down to Los Angeles at 18, and tried College for a bit, but wasn’t happy. Then, she dropped out to follow her TRUE PASSION: HELPING TEENS. Currently, Megan travels the country to speak at Middle Schools + High Schools, She also has written 3 self help books(all of which hit #1 on the Amazon Best Selling List in Non-Fiction). Her mission in life is to change the public school system to incorporate mandatory classes about mental health, self-care, meditation and even just how to write a dang check….


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