Spring has sprung! Shop my favorite wellness trends for this season!

April 8, 2021

Hey y’all!


Happy Spring! I am so excited this time is here! Since being in Nashville,  I’ve been noticing the weather change! It’s so nice because all of the restaurants, stores and parks are open! As you guys know, I love finding the latest and greatest for the wellness items that are trending. From teas, tinctures and journals, I can’t wait to show y’all my favorite products! Here they are below!

Good Girl Probiotics

This brand was made for women, by women! Talk about girl power! Formulated with all natural ingredients, these probiotics are great for the busy girl on the go! If you are looking to prevent UTI’s or reduce PMS pain, this is your new power tool!


  • These probiotics help maintain a balanced vaginal pH and healthy levels of vaginal yeast
  • They are made with 8 strains of good bacteria for vaginal health – most probiotics only contain one
  • Since these are unique probiotics, they support three key areas: reproductive health organs, the gut, and the immune system

Wellness in a Box

This monthly subscription box is packed full of the healthiest snacks! From teas, dark chocolate, fruit jerky, digestive bitters to granola! Whatever you are craving, they have it! Each brand is 100% organic, all natural and locally sourced! Pick up your new box today for a holiday, birthday or just because!


  • Every box comes with a card that details each food item and the nutritional facts
  • They have a special option for creating your own unique box! It’s perfect for any dietary needs you may have!
  • Subscription boxes can be expensive, but Wellness in a Box, is affordable and adorable!


This relaxation kit is filled with refreshing oils that work in either a diffuser or rubbing on your wrists! This past year has been stressful, so why not treat yourself to this luxurious gift!


  • For those in need of a relaxing, deep breath to calm their mood, this is your new go-to tool!
  • It comes with a stress release soothing oil blend, stress release soothing nasal inhaler & relax-o-ring massage ring
  • It also has a convenient zip pouch made from a durable, canvas-style RPET fabric and cute brass detailing.


This super chic journal is the must have for your Pinterest obsessed friend! By starting and ending your day with a fresh mindset, you can reach your highest potential! Whether you are sending it as a gift to your BFF or for yourself, this is a guaranteed way to #treatyoself!


  •  The journal has a powerful wellness map that helps you navigate your daily self care goals
  • It also includes pages for intentions, feel-good goals and wishlists
  • Throughout the journal there are multiple body & mind, gratitude and goal check-ins


License To Chill Set

This trio of anti-anxiety herbs are perfect for your next meal! Whether you sprinkle them in your tea, smoothie, green juice or warm water! They add an extra boost of natural energy, wherever you go!


  • These bottles contain powerful ingredients such holy basil, lemon balm, reishi, ashwagandha and mucuna!
  • This set proactively addresses stress levels, body balance and our natural sleep routine.
  • These bad boys come complete with fun names, such as; Chill The F* Out, Mother Nature’s and Do Not Disturb



This amazing protein packed cookie has it all! It’s low carb, gluten free and filled with nutritious ingredients that help restore tired muscles! Level, was created by MBA player, Meyers Leonard and his wife, Elle Leonard!


  • This bar is made with 14g of complete protein, including; egg white and collagen! Perfect for the everyday entrepreneur! 

  • It also has a unique adaptogen to help you combat stress and support overall mind & body balance 

  • No additives, artificial sugars or alcohols! These bars are 100% all natural and filled with wholesome ingredients!




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