How I Started My Own Business at 20 Years Old

May 3, 2019


I remember as young as 13 years old, I would stare out of my 7th grade math class and daydream. I would much rather daydream about my life and what made me feel good. Asking myself questions like, “What would my future look like? Where would I live? How much longer is this class? I wish I were in Hawaii right now”. Every day I would daydream of other things. I would think about eating my favorite meal, what I would look like when I got older and how stupid math was. LOL. Little did I know, but I was actually manifesting and using my imagination to focus on what I WANTED in my life. Academics never clicked with me.

Yes I really enjoyed socializing and working in groups, but getting graded on a subject and that dictating what I would do with MY life- didn’t sit well with me. However, anytime, we had the opportunity to speak or do a presentation- my arm was the first to shoot up. I also remember having an epiphany at 13 years. I was staring out of the window again while my math teacher was going on and on about ratios- when I realized that I could never see myself working for someone else. Like building someone else’s dream. Growing up, I was always very creative and thankfully I had parents that supported every endeavor. I loved to sew and make clothing, I loved playing the clarinet and being in the school plays as well as dancing any chance I could get. In my room, every wall was covered with pages from fashion magazines that I would cut out and use as inspiration. I was naturally such a free spirit and goofball.

Having major anxiety and panic attacks at a young age also made it hard for me to focus in class. All throughout High School, I got C’s and D’s yet prided myself on being the advice giver of the friend group. During the lunch break, I would sit with my friends and tell them my opinions of what they should do. Having creative outlets like Drama Class was HUGE. I adored being on stage and entertaining others. All I wanted to do was help others, make a difference and be happy. After graduating High School, I moved down to Los Angeles to attend Santa Monica City College. I didn’t really know what else to do other than get good grades and transfer to a 4-year College. Right off the bat, I could sense how unhappy I was. I kept trying to shake it and rationalize with myself, but something felt off.

On January 16th, 2016, I became incredibly sick. Like physically ill. It was an awful time in my life that was full of inward searching and alone time. Enough to make me realize that maybe this “pause” was happening for a reason. I slowly connected the dots and looked at the bigger picture. Also, my mom thankfully got me a healing session with the Medical Medium (Anthony Williams). Who hit the nail on the head and gave me a proper “diagnosis”. That really changed me as a person and made me realize the power of my intuition. After that I used the bucket list I had made while I was sick (thinking I was going to be in chronic pain forever) to follow my passions. I began the journey of writing books, helping teenagers with anxiety, making a YouTube channel, auditioning for commercials and just doing what felt RIGHT to me. I started making business cards online, speaking at local YMCA’s, Boys & Girls clubs for free and just networking my butt off.

Slowly yet surely, things started happening. I sent about 40 emails a day to any and all family friends who had connections in Los Angeles. I kept pushing and knew I believed in myself. I went to hundreds of toastmaster meetings, went on news stations for interviews and got myself in some newspapers and magazines. I was my own agent, PR person and manager for three years! I also have to give SO much credit to my parents, but especially my mom Courtney for teaching me how to network and basically sell yourself. She has such great, natural salesperson skills and is very intuitive.

My business became my baby and I realized how good it felt to be doing my way. You can do what you want in your life and make a living doing it. In 2019, I got my first Tedx Talk that I spent two years applying for. It takes a lot of hard work and I honestly have learned more about life and myself than any time in school. I’m making a living off of my personality, speaking skills and genuine passion for inspiring others. Every day is fun and a new adventure. Living on your terms is always worth it. It’s funny how life works out and the way things happen the way they do.



Megan G

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