Grounding: A Simple Way To Center Yourself Throughout a Hectic Day

October 14, 2019


The world itself GROUNDING, to me immediately makes me feel like I am stretching my legs into the ground( like roots) and standing solid in myself. Feeling like I am me again and the only thing that matters is the present moment. Growing up, when my anxiety was at its worst (age 5-14) I kept feeling like I was on autopilot mode and constantly worried about the next thing. Imagining all of these worst-case scenario thoughts. But one thing that helped was tuning into myself and placing my feet on the ground and just paying attention to my surroundings.

What was I hearing? smelling? feeling? For as long as I needed, I focused in on the present moment. What was going on around me? Had my mind wandered? We all have dreams and goals, but sometimes we get in anxious cycles and get can negative and down on ourselves. Or, in my case, my anxiety is hereditary and I remember having to put a ton of effort into taking control of my mind every single day when I was younger. Grounding, is a great way to feel calm and centered. Whether you go outside and take your shoes off or sit on a yoga mat and just breathe with a hand on your heart.

I believe that our mind is like walking a dog, you are in control and you can’t let it run off or else you’ll be all over the place. Keep the leash tight and next to you. It’s also important to know your triggers… not getting enough sleep, not having routines, not exercising before work, not eating healthy, not getting fresh air, having too many things to do, etc. Know thyself!! The next time you feel anxious or stressed, try grounding yourself in nature or stand on the floor and just come back into your body. Feel your feet, feel how your stomach moves up and down when you breathe, notice your heart beat and just be.


Megan G

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