How Positive Thinking Will Make You Successful

January 18, 2019


In life we all have choices-do you want to live in fear or love? Love-based or positive thinking will get you extremely far in life. Ever notice how when you cling/are stressed or angry, nothing happens. It’s like you tied a rubber band around the universe’s natural flow of things and you aren’t allowing. But, if you choose to live in love/think positively(especially when you are driving or cleaning, sometimes your mind can wander), then you will win in life.

I choose to live in the mindset that everything happens for me, not to me- because it makes me feel better. It makes me see things in a fresh light and be open to life lessons. I believe life lessons can come through people, living situations, partners, siblings and family. You will continue to attract the same thing until you break the pattern and learn the lesson. Just try for one day, to live in love. To just allow and see how quickly things happen. It’s quite incredible when you realize that you are the creator of your reality. There is no one else to blame or shame.

Currently, I am opening up to love a lot and have realized that love comes in many forms. There is self-love, platonic love, romantic love, family love and just admiration type of love. One of my 2019 goals is to just love people more. To not stoop down to their level, and just stay in my bubble and send them some love. Do not let people ruin your day or drain you. It’s never worth it and you will feel better when you rise above and just set the example. I meditate about six times a day now- just small, 5 minute reboots that help me get back to my true self. Realizing that I am creating my reality every second of the day. If you feel like “nothing is going your way” or “why me”, then check in with yourself and look at your thought patterns.

Switch them into productive, positive and compassionate thoughts. We are all humans at the end of the day. No one is perfect and just sending love to those that have wronged you, when it really wasn’t even about you(because those with insecurities who are hurt will project their fears onto you). The truth about life is that only love is real. Let go and let the universe do its thing. I promise it has your back. It didn’t take you this far to just take you this far- After my health scare, I became such a believer in divine timing, angels and why certain things happen the way they do. It really opened my eyes to that something bigger than myself was happening. Trust. Anytime you feel overwhelmed or scared, take 5 deep breaths and just relax. Take your mind off of whatever you are focusing on and just go watch something funny, take a walk or call up a friend.



Megan G

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