January 20, 2019


Growing up, I was always fascinated with the earth. We had a rock quarry in our family, and we often did weekend trips there to dig and play around. It felt like a mini Jurassic park… with deer bones everywhere and huge boulders piled up. For me, anything having to do with nature/the earth always feels very comforting and all my problems would melt away. Since crystals are derived from the earth, it’s no wonder that they resonate with so many people. When selecting crystals at a store, I like to compare it to when Harry Potter was in the wand shop. You can try out as many as you want, but when it’s the right one- It will FEEL right. For me, I know which crystals are best for my body because I will feel an intuitive draw towards them. Also, when I hold them, my hands start to get warm and tingly.

That’s how I know that my body is resonating with that specific crystal. I really have come to realize that I’m extremely spiritual sensitive and I have to be picky with who I hang around/where I live. As an empath, it’s extremely important to constantly ground yourself and be in areas that have good energy. I wanted to write a list of my favorite crystals! You can buy them at most yoga studios, spiritual stores, crystal shops or online! But I prefer in person. There’s really nothing like that feeling you get when you hold a crystal and immediately feel a connection!

1.) Lapis Lazuli- These gorgeous solid blue crystals are probably my favorite! They date back to Egyptian times, when the priests/priestesses would make jewelry out of them. I love to put it on my throat and just lay there while I feel the heat/muscle contraction. Lapis Lazuli is special because so many people relate to it due to the solid blue color ( similar to a body of water).

2.) Selenite- This clear, rod of goodness is so incredible. It looks like superman’s kryptonite! It’s clear and simple. I love to use it on my chest/ third eye! I car ry some in my purse and immediately feel calm.

3.) Rose Quartz- The love crystal!! Throughout my spiritual awakening, I’ve used this for healing from past heartbreaks. It really brings me a wave of calmness and “everything is going to be okay”. This can bring profound changes in one’s life during the process of healing and bringing in more self-love. It’s a gorgeous light pink that’s super feminine!

4.) Black Tourmaline- This powerful black crystal really helps protect against negativity and can be grounding for empaths. Every person/place has a different energy to it. Black Tourmaline can really protect your energy field and just make you feel better. I also carry this in my purse and anytime I feel overwhelmed or sitting in traffic, I hold it and just breathe.

5.) Amethyst- Ahhh one of my favorites. This beautiful clear/purple crystal is so calming. I have some on my nightstand and always put it by my head for a great night’s sleep. This one is pretty classic and quite common in most stores! Especially in LA, most Jewelry stores use it to display their necklaces/bracelets!

Since my health scare, I have been on a spiritual journey of letting my intuition lead the way and healing from my past traumas. It has been dark, windy and uncertain at times. Yet, I always feel like everything is going to be great. I just do what makes me happy! I use my crystals to recharge myself in the morning and before bed. I drink my celery juice and hike in nature. I believe strongly in the mind, body, soul connection and that you gotta listen to that inner voice. Crystals are such a great way to soothe anxiety, heal from past traumas and ground yourself! It’s nice to get the smaller sized ones because you can travel with them/bring them anywhere. I truly hope this blog helps you feel peace and want to buy crystals that speak to your soul.



Megan G

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