What is CEELO GREEN Doing During Quarantine?!

June 10, 2020

      At the beginning of 2020, there was fresh new hope in the air. It had that newness that any year has, and maybe a little more magic with the new decade! As soon as March 12th came around, we all were confined to our homes – hit with a global pandemic! Covid-19 came out of left field and stopped EVERYONE in their tracks. Including celebrities, public figures and artists. One of whom, is most known for his two decade long career. Claiming names as a member of, “Goodie Mob” and the southern rap group, to going solo as “Gnarls Barkley,” the one and only, “Ceelo Green” became a household name with the #2 hit on the Billboard charts, “Forget You” in 2011. 


     I sat down with the singing icon on May 28th, in the midst of quarantine, to discuss what he was up to during this unprecedented time. I started off the interview by asking Ceelo about his new single, “Lead Me” as well as his new album, “Thomas Callaway is…Ceelo Green” (dropping in June). Very aligned with the current times, “Lead me” is about, as Ceelo Says, “Serving a higher purpose and channeling a universal message of love. I want to fill voids and create something that sounds sentimental as well as nostalgic. Connecting to each other and loving on each other as human beings”. (7:36) 


       Ceelo then went on to explain what he specifically has been doing during this quarantine, such as being on his family ranch in Georgia, playing music with his son and teaching his fiance, Shani James, acoustic guitar and playing board games. He also mentioned to me, “We’ve been having our morning routines of going on walks, getting in our steps and eating well. We all want to improve with the time available to us.”(10:45). 


Watch the FULL interview below!! 




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