How I like To Reflect On The Past Year/ Manifest What I Want For The Next

December 31, 2018

How our intentions and thoughts create our reality

I think December 31rst is an interesting day. It’s often times a day of reflection and longing for what’s to come. It can feel overwhelming, daunting and sometimes too much to process it all. It’s crazy to think that everyone in the whole world all experienced a different 2018, then we all come together as one world to celebrate the ending of it. Some people experienced deaths, some experienced births, moving into new houses, friendships ending, traveling across the world, family drama, sickness, being cured, etc. For me, 2018 was extremely challenging. A lot of it was spent alone, trying to get my business up and going. I was living in a toxic living situation and felt really low on myself.

I kept trying though. I didn’t give up and I kept coming back to hiking in nature and relying on my parents for support. It truly saved me most times. Los Angeles can feel really isolating sometimes. It naturally is a competitive, industry-based city with almost 6 million people. I know for me, 2018 taught me to think EVEN MORE positively than you can right now. It also showed me that there is always a teaching moment in everything. It doesn’t do much to focus on “why me?” or “it was their fault”. It feels better/is more productive to think “this happened for me” and energetically move on.

For me, December 31rst always represents a day of reflection, cleaning, clearing and then writing down the goals for 2019. I’m a spiritual person and believe in clearing your space with palo santo, sage, crystals and salt baths. You have to clear old ties and let go of stuff that happened because I feel that if you continue to dwell on “coulda,woulda,shoulda” then you will keep calling that back into your life. You have to focus on the now and be grateful for the little things. I also lost two really close family friends within a three-week time spand. It was so hard on my parents and it really made me realize, again, how precious life is. It’s all about the effect YOU have on OTHER PEOPLE.

That’s really it. Like, life is way too unpredictable to dwell on negative things, be rude or create drama. Only people who are bored, insecure or hate themselves do that. I will ALWAYS choose to live in love and trust the universe. I also feel like a big part of life, is learning how to let go of what no longer serves you. I want to send you all love, great health, success in whatever way fits you and happiness. Life is truly what you make it. All I can focus on is being the best me and forgetting what I no longer wish to spend my energy on.

My goals for 2019 are: loving myself unconditionally, being on time more, being more financially responsible, meditating more, making $65,000 from hosting, speaking, books and social media posts, moving into a high energy apartment w/ fun roommates my age, becoming friends with Rory Kramer and being aware of not taking out my own frustrations (with myself) on other people. With making a list, be SUPER specific. Like detail the color, smell, taste, touch, feel of what it feels like to have the thing you want. DREAM BIG!! The universe has your back and you can create anything you want!! I wish you all a healthy, happy, loving and fun New Year’s Eve. In whatever country you celebrate in, with your own traditions. I love you and am sending angelic prayers that you get everything you ever wanted and more.



Megan G

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