How to ENJOY Life: in Quarantine and Everyday

July 14, 2020

How to ENJOY Life: in Quarantine and Everyday

As we enter day 678495312048579 of quarantine, I’ve found myself having epiphanies left and right. Truly looking at EVERYthing in a different way, and genuinely having so much “me” time. I for sure have realized how many things I took for granted, like: sunsets, making a home cooked meal and time with loved ones.

I know for me, I was living life very fast paced pre covid-19. I was racing in + out of airports constantly, onto the next, just rushing, eating to-go containers in my car in the whole foods parking lot and literally just going 1000% mph. Yes, I still work very hard and hustle(in the quarantine), yet it’s just different. I have had so much time to actually process how much I’ve really accomplished in my short 24 years of life. I started my motivational speaking & writing business at 19 years old then in just a short 5 years( because that isn’t that long), I have done kinda a lot of things. I have spoken at not one but TWO TED talk conferences, both in California! I also wrote three self help books geared towards teenagers, all of which were self-published on Amazon( all 3 hit & stayed at #1 in non-fiction for 5 weeks). I also spoke at 503 Middle Schools & High Schools, across the country about my mission to provide teenagers with mental health & “real” life tools. I started my own podcast, Reaching New Heights, and have had the honor of interviewing hugely influential people like Ceelo Green( the one & only), Mariel Hemingway( granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway), Adam Glassman( creative director of Oprah magazine), Lyndie Benson( ex-wife of saxophone icon Kenny G), Farrah Brittany( daughter of RHOBH star Kyle Richards), Linda Perry( lead singer of the band 4 non blondes) and Tracey Bregman( soap opera star from “young & restless).

I just in this quarantine, really realized myself, how incredible that actually all is. It’s hard to compliment yourself or absorb things on your own, but this long pause has given me the gift of sitting with myself and actually patting myself on the back…. maybe even more than patting, probably a nice long hug. I really feel that I may not be the only person who’s had more than 1 “lightbulb” moment and realized that maybe this relationship their in, friendship or living situation- just isn’t serving them anymore. Guess what? THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! Do you know how good it is to change, and notice what doesn’t feel good to you? Move on!! Life is extremely precious and unpredictable( as we clearly are learning now).

I truly hope you and your loved ones are okay, healthy, hanging in there and just taking time for yourself. I saw someone post something on instagram that resonated with me, “What parts of you are you leaving behind in quarantine and what are you going to keep?”. Powerful yet so very true- we ALL get that choice, to keep and toss, what patterns, actions, behavior, personality traits or ways of living don’t complete the new way of living we are headed towards. Stay well.



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