Megan’s 5 easy ways to drop weight!

February 27, 2022

We’ve all been there. Feeling a little bloated, not like our best self or just insecure. I recently went through a major weight fluctuation( hello being a woman and hormones), but I got back on track by doing these 5 things daily! 


  • Drink ACV in the morning 

For the ACV, I personally like Bragg’s! Any brand is great, just be ready for the taste! It does in fact taste like vinegar! I typically add 4 spoonfuls to warm water with lemon, it’s the first thing I drink every morning! 

  • Drink 1 gallon of lemon water everyday 

This is my most favorite part! I think the more hydrated you are, the more healthy you are. It’s good to constantly have water flowing through your body because your kidneys have to process more toxins, which will help rid your body of any waste! 

  • High protein, low carb 

If you think about it, in order to drop weight, your body needs to increase muscle and decrease body fat % or just in general fat. The best way to do that and curb cravings for sugar or carbs, is increase your protein intake! Whether it be chicken, steak or ground turkey, make sure you eat more protein. 

  • Just move your body! 

The best thing I ever did was purchase a fitbit, one of those cool watches you connect to your iphone and track your daily steps! I aim to get at least 10,000 steps a day. Since my schedule changes so often and I travel, I just make the best with what I have. I will either dance around my room, go on a run in the hotel gym or swim! Get creative! 

  • Sauna 

For me personally, one of the biggest things I struggle with is holding onto water weight. I have an intense period cycle, so I notice that my body retains water around that time. I’ve figured out a system where I will do the sauna for 45 min, 3x a week and I instantly drop 5-7 pounds. It’s pretty fascinating. 


It’s important to feel your best because the more confidence you have, you’re more likely to make better choices and attract more positivity in your life. You’ve got this! 


(keep in mind, I’m not a doctor, just a fitness lover. This is what worked for me, please consult your physician or nutritionist before making any drastic changes. Also, it’s a journey, not an overnight fix) 





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