How I stopped resisting my intuition and started listening to it

July 1, 2022

Once upon a time I was the girl that constantly IGNORED her intuition. As a teenager, I noticed that when I had a decision to make, I would get very strong feelings about it. The feeling was similar to being on an elevator, and it was going down too quickly. You know, that lurching? It felt as if my stomach was in knots and I was ill. I was intense. How could I experience such strong feelings, while I was in my room getting ready for the date or a party, yet there was no visible danger. How could I feel such strong feelings when I was perfectly safe in my room? I never understood these powerful waves that came over me. They felt otherworldly. It wasn’t until I became an adult, that I actually started catching on and realized that these feelings were something called, my intuition. It was the invisible superpower that we all have. Once I started acknowledging it, I started listening and took action based off of it.

As an angsty teenager, I often got mad when these “waves” popped up. I was quick to dismiss them and I often shut down emotionally when they arrived. Was I ashamed of them? Was I scared of how powerful I could be? I never knew. The common outcome when I ignored these “waves” was, to have my heart broken by the guy or that the party was unsafe. As I got older, I slowly became more aware that this little inner voice wasn’t here to make my life more difficult. It was actually me that wanted to make it difficult, by not listening to it. By dismissing it, and each time I did, it was as if I was diminishing that little voice inside. It truly had a very long term effect on my self esteem, confidence and overall trust of myself.

   Today, I write this blog to encourage you all to trust that inner voice. I promise you can’t get it wrong when you listen to it. But don’t just listen, take action. I promise it’s there for a reason. Instead of thinking of it as trying to sabotage your life, pause and thank it. It can see things you can’t, it has a bird eye perspective that can see where your highest good is. Your ego is the one that dismisses your intuition.  It’s only when we go against the voice and rebel, that we end up burned and hurt. I urge you to make that connection today, I promise it’ll enhance the quality of your life in more ways than you could ever imagine. 



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