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My Favorite Anti-Anxiety Products

Everyone gets anxious! Whether it’s chronic, anticipatory anxiety or you’re just nervous about going on a first date. It’s real and a lot of people are affected by anxiety on a daily basis. You are not alone. For me, I really struggled in High School with it. I felt so embarrassed by it and that I was weak if I asked for help from someone else. It can really be exhausting when you have the same thoughts on a continuous merry-go-round. I wanted to make a list of my go-to products for when my anxiety kicks up, or I’m traveling for work! I’m definitely more of a holistic/eastern medicine person, but I would never belittle someone’s mental health needs. Everyone has their own life journey. 


 1.)  Essential Oils- Probably one of my favorite tools for anxiousness. I love peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender & grapefruit. It’s amazing to travel with them, keep them in your purse or use the DoTerra (alcohol-free) ones in water. It’s so nice to use in your shower or rub some on your neck/wrist. I also have an oil-diffuser in my room that I turn on at night when I’m winding down. 


2.)  Crystals- Something I’ve come to realize lately is that I’m extremely spiritual. I’m totally an empath! I have always felt really in tune with myself and have dreams that come true. Throughout the past three years, I have fallen in love with crystals! They are so popular right now, and it’s really a nice tool to have because they are natural and derived from the earth. It’s also a fun journey to go on to discover what crystals your body resonates with. For me, I get a tingling/heat sensation. Crystals like Lapis-Lazuli, Amethyst and Rose Quartz are really calming!


3.)  Good Day Chocolate Calm Supplements- These little chocolate candies from Whole Foods are amazing! I was checking out a few weeks ago and saw them at the register! I was intrigued because the only calming ingredient was magnesium. Totally natural. When I got home, I ate two pieces and immediately felt really relaxed. They tasted amazing! I highly recommend because you can eat them anywhere and travel with them. 


4.)  CALM(Natural Vitality)-  This magnesium powder really works wonders. You can mix it with water/juice! I get mine from Whole Foods and drink it probably two times a week. It’s also great because it replaces any lost electrolytes in your body. The health benefits of magnesium are; bone health, relieving anxiety and calcium absorption. 


5.)  Phone Apps- I know it sounds like an oxymoron- but apps like headspace and unplug are amazing! I seriously wish these were around when I was a teen. Because you can literally put on your headphones and take a walk outside, lay down or excuse yourself to the bathroom.  


6.)  Staying Hydrated/Eating Nutritious Meals- This one seems simple, but so many people actually feel jittery all day, because they aren’t treating their bodies well. Especially breakfast, starting your day off hydrated and eating a protein filled meal- will make you feel better! Keep a water bottle with you and continuously fill it up! Also- If you are naturally an over thinker, be aware that caffeine only makes you more anxious. Try switching to green juice, infused water or CBD drinks


7.)  Candles- I am a candle horder haha. Seriously, I love voluspa and any yummy, floral scent. I like to use them while taking a bubble bath or when I come home from work. It’s a nice, relaxing way to just breath and kinda like aromatherapy. 


8.)  VYBES (Mind+Body Function) CBD Drinks- I actually just tried one today at work and it was amazing! I got the strawberry & lavender flavor. It was only 15mg of CBD, but it was the perfect amount to get me feeling super mellow and happy. I’ve never been into smoking weed/doing drugs for helping anxiety, but this drink is really organic and has no side effects- other than feeling calm. 


  I hope this list helps!! Remember, you are not alone if you struggle with anxiety/panic attacks or any other mental health issue. It’s not embarrassing and I’m sending you love! Always ask for help and just learn to laugh through the anxiety. Some people resonate best with speaking to therapists or listening to a guided meditation, while others love smelling essential oils. It truly just depends on who you are and how you function best.


Growing up, I was always fascinated with the earth. We had a rock quarry in our family, and we often did weekend trips there to dig and play around. It felt like a mini Jurassic park… with deer bones everywhere and huge boulders piled up. For me, anything having to do with nature/the earth always feels very comforting and all my problems would melt away. Since crystals are derived from the earth, it’s no wonder that they resonate with so many people. When selecting crystals at a store, I like to compare it to when Harry Potter was in the wand shop. You can try out as many as you want, but when it’s the right one- It will FEEL right. For me, I know which crystals are best for my body because I will feel an intuitive draw towards them. Also, when I hold them, my hands start to get warm and tingly.

That’s how I know that my body is resonating with that specific crystal. I really have come to realize that I’m extremely spiritual sensitive and I have to be picky with who I hang around/where I live. As an empath, it’s extremely important to constantly ground yourself and be in areas that have good energy. I wanted to write a list of my favorite crystals! You can buy them at most yoga studios, spiritual stores, crystal shops or online! But I prefer in person. There’s really nothing like that feeling you get when you hold a crystal and immediately feel a connection! 

  1.)  Lapis Lazuli- These gorgeous solid blue crystals are probably my favorite! They date back to Egyptian times, when the priests/priestesses would make jewelry out of them. I love to put it on my throat and just lay there while I feel the heat/muscle contraction. Lapis Lazuli is special because so many people relate to it due to the solid blue color ( similar to a body of water). 


2.)  Selenite- This clear, rod of goodness is so incredible. It looks like superman’s kryptonite! It’s clear and simple. I love to use it on my chest/ third eye! I car ry some in my purse and immediately feel calm.


3.)  Rose Quartz- The love crystal!! Throughout my spiritual awakening, I’ve used this for healing from past heartbreaks. It really brings me a wave of calmness and “everything is going to be okay”. This can bring profound changes in one’s life during the process of healing and bringing in more self-love. It’s a gorgeous light pink that’s super feminine! 


4.)  Black Tourmaline- This powerful black crystal really helps protect against negativity and can be grounding for empaths. Every person/place has a different energy to it. Black Tourmaline can really protect your energy field and just make you feel better. I also carry this in my purse and anytime I feel overwhelmed or sitting in traffic, I hold it and just breathe. 

  5.)  Amethyst- Ahhh one of my favorites. This beautiful clear/purple crystal is so calming. I have some on my nightstand and always put it by my head for a great night’s sleep. This one is pretty classic and quite common in most stores! Especially in LA, most Jewelry stores use it to display their necklaces/bracelets! 

Since my health scare, I have been on a spiritual journey of letting my intuition lead the way and healing from my past traumas. It has been dark, windy and uncertain at times. Yet, I always feel like everything is going to be great. I just do what makes me happy! I use my crystals to recharge myself in the morning and before bed. I drink my celery juice and hike in nature. I believe strongly in the mind, body, soul connection and that you gotta listen to that inner voice. Crystals are such a great way to soothe anxiety, heal from past traumas and ground yourself! It’s nice to get the smaller sized ones because you can travel with them/bring them anywhere. I truly hope this blog helps you feel peace and want to buy crystals that speak to your soul. 


How To Release Emotions From Your Body

     I believe that we store major life trauma or turning point emotions in our bodies. Maybe when you were five, a family member commented on your body shape. Or, in High School, your boyfriend broke your heart. We all go through major milestones (positive or negative) that can forever shape us. Sometimes they are moments that we don’t even think impacted us in a big way. All I know is that since I’ve been on this spiritual healing journey, so much has come up. Especially when it comes to self-worth and body image. Growing up, I ALWAYS compared myself to other girls.

I truly felt unattractive and that my physical appearance= my worth as a person. I think it was a mixture of; not having a connection to my soul, not many guys talking to me and not realizing that I am an extremely smart, wise and powerful person. I feel that not many guys talked to me/asked me out was because I had a major block of my own self-love. There is such a difference in someone when they fully love themselves vs not. It shows up in they carry themselves, their inner dialogue and how they treat others. Currently, at 23, I am fully on the healing path and have had countless moments of crying while deep in meditation because of past insecurities coming up.

Moments from High School parties and no guys coming up to me, using humor to mask my anxiety, not having a perfect thigh gap and not feeling any deep connections to my friends. All of these things have come up because I feel that they need to be healed and released, so I can welcome in the new. It doesn’t help to hold onto the old. As I get closer and closer to big career blessings coming my way, I can feel the old Megan coming back in. The feeling anxious, unworthy, ugly and just in general confused about her life. I don’t like using the word ugly, but I really did not like myself.

I was just such a giver and felt that if I asked for help, then I was weak or useless. I just had a story that my pain was not my purpose and that it was bad to talk about your problems. Now- it’s fully the opposite. I’ve realized that I had a higher purpose all along, even when I was 10 years old and felt constantly worried. It was all on purpose, at the right time. What has helped me a lot with healing from past traumas (and I say trauma because there is a spectrum and I believe that everyone has traumas), are crystals, therapy, reiki and acupuncture. It’s so bad for your body to physically carry emotions from 10 years ago. Yes, releasing it can be painful and overwhelming, but there is also a sweet release. It’s like you can finally move on.

I would highly suggest meditation and crystals for getting to the root of any repeating problems in your current reality. Maybe you keep attracting the same kind of partner, friend group or money situation. Well you can heal it and do better! I also feel that it’s very important to listen to your body. You will know intuitively when it’s time to stop, feel and heal. It’s like stop, drop and roll haha. Also, a big thing for me(that I’m dealing with right now) is the fear of people not taking me seriously/respecting me if I’m not fully inspirational.

As a teen, I surrounded myself with people who knew me as the always funny, goofy, can’t take her seriously girl. But that wasn’t really me, I just used it to hide my anxiety and that persona matched how I felt about myself on the inside. Now though, I am 23 and have outgrown that. But when I was 19,20,21 I really put on this full-on Tony Robbins, hardcore personality. Yes, I am doing what I love but I still am figuring out who I TRULY am. I know for sure I am wise, kind, empathic, talented, beautiful, hard-working, kickass brilliant, lovely and a survivor. I truly hope this helps you begin the healing journey of peeling away the layers that no longer serve you. It can feel overwhelming, shifting and unsettling- but that is just the emotion leaving your body. 

How I Overcame Chronic Anticipatory Anxiety and Turned It Into A Business

By the time I turned 16, I had already experienced countless days filled with anxiety/panic attacks. I always felt out of control, even with my own body and mind. My anxiety attacks became so routine that I started thinking about how I could be a functioning adult (with a job, house, bills, social life). How would I accomplish my goals if I could barely get through one school day?

   I felt like I was being controlled by some force greater than myself and that I couldn’t get excited about life. I was slowly becoming a victim of my own minds power. It truly is so mind blowing, how powerful our minds are! Everyday felt so predictable and I was always in survival mode. I was experiencing what every other teen goes through; the hormones, body changes, coming into your own and feeling that intimidating sense of being in limbo from childhood and adulthood.

  But, add having 10+ panic attacks every day- in which I would do my best to keep a poker face, while feeling like I was dying on the inside. It’s really hard to put into words the physical feeling of having 10 panic attacks a day while trying to pay attention in class, have a social life, etc. Being a teen is such a vulnerable and pivotal time in one’s life. I really started worrying about how I would live a fulfilled life if my days were spent pinching my hands under my desk and asking my teacher if I could “go to the bathroom”. 

  Towards the end of High School, I really started getting nervous. I felt like someone was pushing me towards the edge of a cliff and I was trying to dig my heels into the ground. I wasn’t ready. I could feel it. I think society puts such a pressure on teens to have it all figured out by a certain age, that every year around the sun immediately relates to- what have you done? What have you accomplished? It’s like the ages 16,18,21 and 25 are dictated by the “idea” of what the world wants. I certainly didn’t fit that. By the time I graduated High School, I felt like I had lived two separate lives. One: doing normal teen things and going to school. The Other: dealing with anxiety and going on a journey of self -discovery. I never resonated with academics, and I feel now that I was meant to focus more on the healing, inner work path. 

  Once I graduated, I decided to move down t o LA and attend a community college. I wanted to prove to myself that I could get the good grades to transfer to an awesome 4 year. I thought, “Well, If it’s in a different environment than High School- maybe I’ll do better? Because I know how to control my anxiety now”. I moved into an apartment with five other girls and it slowly became very hard to get stuff done. We all were 18 and straight out of High School, so it was a lot of partying and just being so excited to be in Los Angeles. It was a lot of going out, having movie nights, guys over and just different schedules. It became very hard to get schoolwork done, workout and stay on top of self -care. I slowly developed sleep anxiety, because I kept getting woken up by my roommate or the people above us.

   I started assuming that, since I got bad sleep the night before, then it would be the same tonight. It really took over my life and it was hard to get much done on 4/5 hours of sleep. After trying every holistic remedy out there, I came across guided meditations on Youtube. They put me right to sleep! Cut to a few months later- I started having second thoughts about College. I couldn’t escape these gut feelings of “School is not my path, I’m meant for more”. It was as if the universe was tapping on my shoulder and I was shutting it down with self- doubt/fear. After ignoring for a while longer, I actually became physically sick. It was a crazy six month long health scare that really took a toll on me mentally. I had always been an upbeat, fun person. But now, I had turned tried and scared. I tried 19 different antibiotics, was in & out of the ER, in bed most days and slowly failing College. It felt like the twilight zone and I kept getting misdiagnosed.

  One day it was Endometriosis, the next it was an STD. It was awful and I lowered to a level of hopelessness I never thought possible. My anxiety also started kicking back up….I was a ball of anxiety, depression, fear and dread. It was this health scare that really made me realize that I HAD to focus my energy on what I COULD control. I had to build from the ground up. After having a session with the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams, I began to heal. It kinda confirmed what I had already been thinking, that I am a sensitive person and really intuitive. I did have an illness, but my body was going through an upgrade.

  That health scare gave me a newfound confidence and I built my life from the ashes. I turned my pain into my purpose. I pushed past any doubt or fear because I knew that my body could react to me ignoring my gut feelings. How mindblowing! It was a long, unpredictable journey of letting go and listening to my heart- but it was so worth it. I am committed to being a voice for those who don’t have one. My life was all meant to be and I’ve learned just how strong and beautiful I really am. I want to spread my advice and positive energy all across this world.