My Favorite Anti-Anxiety Products

Everyone gets anxious! Whether it’s chronic, anticipatory anxiety or you’re just nervous about going on a first date. It’s real and a lot of people are affected by anxiety on a daily basis. You are not alone. For me, I really struggled in High School with it. I felt so embarrassed by it and that I was weak if I asked for help from someone else. It can really be exhausting when you have the same thoughts on a continuous merry-go-round. I wanted to make a list of my go-to products for when my anxiety kicks up, or I’m traveling for work! I’m definitely more of a holistic/eastern medicine person, but I would never belittle someone’s mental health needs. Everyone has their own life journey. 


 1.)  Essential Oils- Probably one of my favorite tools for anxiousness. I love peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender & grapefruit. It’s amazing to travel with them, keep them in your purse or use the DoTerra (alcohol-free) ones in water. It’s so nice to use in your shower or rub some on your neck/wrist. I also have an oil-diffuser in my room that I turn on at night when I’m winding down. 


2.)  Crystals- Something I’ve come to realize lately is that I’m extremely spiritual. I’m totally an empath! I have always felt really in tune with myself and have dreams that come true. Throughout the past three years, I have fallen in love with crystals! They are so popular right now, and it’s really a nice tool to have because they are natural and derived from the earth. It’s also a fun journey to go on to discover what crystals your body resonates with. For me, I get a tingling/heat sensation. Crystals like Lapis-Lazuli, Amethyst and Rose Quartz are really calming!


3.)  Good Day Chocolate Calm Supplements- These little chocolate candies from Whole Foods are amazing! I was checking out a few weeks ago and saw them at the register! I was intrigued because the only calming ingredient was magnesium. Totally natural. When I got home, I ate two pieces and immediately felt really relaxed. They tasted amazing! I highly recommend because you can eat them anywhere and travel with them. 


4.)  CALM(Natural Vitality)-  This magnesium powder really works wonders. You can mix it with water/juice! I get mine from Whole Foods and drink it probably two times a week. It’s also great because it replaces any lost electrolytes in your body. The health benefits of magnesium are; bone health, relieving anxiety and calcium absorption. 


5.)  Phone Apps- I know it sounds like an oxymoron- but apps like headspace and unplug are amazing! I seriously wish these were around when I was a teen. Because you can literally put on your headphones and take a walk outside, lay down or excuse yourself to the bathroom.  


6.)  Staying Hydrated/Eating Nutritious Meals- This one seems simple, but so many people actually feel jittery all day, because they aren’t treating their bodies well. Especially breakfast, starting your day off hydrated and eating a protein filled meal- will make you feel better! Keep a water bottle with you and continuously fill it up! Also- If you are naturally an over thinker, be aware that caffeine only makes you more anxious. Try switching to green juice, infused water or CBD drinks


7.)  Candles- I am a candle horder haha. Seriously, I love voluspa and any yummy, floral scent. I like to use them while taking a bubble bath or when I come home from work. It’s a nice, relaxing way to just breath and kinda like aromatherapy. 


8.)  VYBES (Mind+Body Function) CBD Drinks- I actually just tried one today at work and it was amazing! I got the strawberry & lavender flavor. It was only 15mg of CBD, but it was the perfect amount to get me feeling super mellow and happy. I’ve never been into smoking weed/doing drugs for helping anxiety, but this drink is really organic and has no side effects- other than feeling calm. 


  I hope this list helps!! Remember, you are not alone if you struggle with anxiety/panic attacks or any other mental health issue. It’s not embarrassing and I’m sending you love! Always ask for help and just learn to laugh through the anxiety. Some people resonate best with speaking to therapists or listening to a guided meditation, while others love smelling essential oils. It truly just depends on who you are and how you function best.


Ascension is something you feel any time you are elevating or going up in your life. It is when your body is feeling physical symptoms from you evolving into your highest self. When you choose to go on the journey of trusting your intuition and truly being in alignment with your soul’s purpose- you will feel some physical adjustments. It is a very gradual process, as my journey has been for over two years now. An example being: If you were to hike Mt. Everest, you wouldn’t go from base camp to the summit in one day.

Your body wouldn’t be able to handle it. Just like if you were to wake up one day and start fully seeing spirits and angels. Your body wouldn’t be able to handle it. It kind of feels like the growing pains you felt when you went through puberty. That was a transition in your life, going from teenager to adult. So when you are opening up to your spiritual abilities, it is a transition.

I’ve felt headaches, extreme sleepiness, muscle aches, sore throats, ringing in my ears, cravings, seeing bursts of colors when I blink, tingling all over, sense of reality being off and astral traveling. All of them have been because I choose to lean into love and trust my angels that it is all happening as it should.  I definitely have to ground myself A LOT more…. Like five times a day. Because when you become more sensitive to energy and spirits- you will naturally want to create your own energy bubble. It makes life so much easier when you choose to ground yourself consistently.

We all have places to go and people to see, so it’s important that you take the time to cleanse your “palette” and get rid of the energy you previously encountered. I highly recommend kicking your self-care routine up a notch when you are opening up. Epsom salt baths, being in nature, eating healthy, extra rest, meditating, acupuncture, yoga, laughing and binaural beats are all ways to ground yourself and sort of “reset”. I encourage you all to be kind and patient with yourself during these beautiful growths. It can feel like your whole world is being flip flopped, because it kind of is. EMBRACE IT! It’s happening for a reason!

Lean into it and flow. Know that you can ALWAYS ask your angels/guides/healers for help, protection and to clear your field. They are always there for you, 24/7. You can ask your healers right before bed, to heal your body while you sleep.