Celery Juice(Medical Medium Protocol)

   Celery Juice… one of the wonders of the world. It promotes healing and cleanses the liver! Of course I know all of this from the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams! I had a session with him, two years ago and it changed my life forever. He is a true pioneer of health and what it means to be healed from illness. He is far ahead of any western medicine doctor! After being healed by him, It opened my eyes to the spiritual world and his recipes for plant based food! I quickly came across his blog on celery juice! I was fascinated with his details of how powerful it really is for your body! In Los Angeles, it has become a huge trend.

It’s sold almost everywhere and all the celebrities are drinking it! The very first time I had it (on an empty stomach of course), I felt my bowels moving and it just felt really good. Like it was cleaning out my organs. Celery juice is a natural diuretic, so you feel an effect similar to coffee. After drinking it every morning for three weeks, I started noticing a difference with my skin. I could see that my cystic acne was slowly disappearing. It’s really crazy how this green juice can heal so many “chronic conditions” that get misdiagnosed constantly.

Illnesses like Eczema, IBS, Gout, Cystic Acne and Auto-Immune Disorder are curable with celery juice on an empty stomach. The medical medium changed my life forever and if I ever get to meet him, I will probably cry because he saved me during an extremely low point in my life. I owe so much to him! Please check out his website for yummy recipes, blogs and his story on his abilities opened up. For me, my acne started in my 20’s. As a teen I never struggled with major acne. I had the occasional pimple that usual came and went with my period. But now, at 23, I have cystic acne. But, its getting way better!

After my healing session from the medical medium, I really changed my diet and took tons of vitamins/herbal drops. That helped immensely, and cleared up my skin!! After doing this intense diet for about a year, I mellowed out and started eating more flexibly. A little cheese, gluten and alcohol here and there. But then, I didn’t realize how sensitive my skin is to caffeine, dairy, alcohol, soy, canola oil and gluten/wheat. It was a frustrating discovery because I thought I had passed the hormonal teen stage… I didn’t expect at 23 to develop cystic acne! I truly went on a journey of changing my diet, skin regimen and getting more into gut health! I really feel that meeting the medical medium happened for a reason!

He opened my eyes to a healthier lifestyle, during a time when I was into the partying-college stuff. If you feel that you are suffering from chronic acne, then be your own advocate and go get informed by your doctor, dermatologist or esthetician. 

  *I always recommend celery juice to anyone I see with skin issues. Yes, I realize that some skin stuff is hereditary and hormonal… but it’s mainly caused by your gut health. Celery Juice on an empty stomach is the best way to clear out your system!*