Ascension is something you feel any time you are elevating or going up in your life. It is when your body is feeling physical symptoms from you evolving into your highest self. When you choose to go on the journey of trusting your intuition and truly being in alignment with your soul’s purpose- you will feel some physical adjustments. It is a very gradual process, as my journey has been for over two years now. An example being: If you were to hike Mt. Everest, you wouldn’t go from base camp to the summit in one day.

Your body wouldn’t be able to handle it. Just like if you were to wake up one day and start fully seeing spirits and angels. Your body wouldn’t be able to handle it. It kind of feels like the growing pains you felt when you went through puberty. That was a transition in your life, going from teenager to adult. So when you are opening up to your spiritual abilities, it is a transition.

I’ve felt headaches, extreme sleepiness, muscle aches, sore throats, ringing in my ears, cravings, seeing bursts of colors when I blink, tingling all over, sense of reality being off and astral traveling. All of them have been because I choose to lean into love and trust my angels that it is all happening as it should.  I definitely have to ground myself A LOT more…. Like five times a day. Because when you become more sensitive to energy and spirits- you will naturally want to create your own energy bubble. It makes life so much easier when you choose to ground yourself consistently.

We all have places to go and people to see, so it’s important that you take the time to cleanse your “palette” and get rid of the energy you previously encountered. I highly recommend kicking your self-care routine up a notch when you are opening up. Epsom salt baths, being in nature, eating healthy, extra rest, meditating, acupuncture, yoga, laughing and binaural beats are all ways to ground yourself and sort of “reset”. I encourage you all to be kind and patient with yourself during these beautiful growths. It can feel like your whole world is being flip flopped, because it kind of is. EMBRACE IT! It’s happening for a reason!

Lean into it and flow. Know that you can ALWAYS ask your angels/guides/healers for help, protection and to clear your field. They are always there for you, 24/7. You can ask your healers right before bed, to heal your body while you sleep.