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Hi! My name is Megan Gallagher! I’m a 23-year-old TEDx Speaker, Author, Mental Health Advocate for teens, Blogger and Motivational Speaker for teens. Growing up I struggled severely with chronic anticipatory anxiety and panic attacks. Despite having a supportive family and great friend group- I felt alone and uneducated about mental health issues, loving myself and how to be in-tune with my body. From ages 6-17, I became a prisoner to my own mind’s power. During my time in High School, I started experiencing up to 20 panic attacks a day and noticed that I was having a hard time balancing my social life, academics and personal life. Despite having my struggles, I still loved helping others and was the advice giver of my friend group. Everywhere I went, I always had a feeling of constant dread and worry. What if? I would think that thought at least 100 times a day. Our School would have so many people come by and do assemblies about peer pressure, say no to drugs and how to prepare for College. Yet they were never about mental health, finding your passions, loving yourself or how EVERY teen feels overwhelmed about grades, their body and what they are going to do in their life! When I turned 14, I realized that I needed extra help. I sat my parents down and vented to them about these episodes. Soon after, I began down the road of seeing a therapist, exercising daily, establishing healthy routines every morning and night, trying EFT tapping, meditating and journaling. It truly takes work to feel better, but I wouldn’t trade my journey for the world. I learned so much about myself and that our pain is really our purpose. During my Freshman year of College, I had a health scare that genuinely changed my perspective on life and how important it is to do what you love… soon after I left School to really find my soul’s purpose. At 20 years old, I started out by speaking at YMCA’s and Boys & Girls clubs for free and after three years of hard, consistent work- my career has fully taken off. I got a TEDx Talk and now I travel the Country to speak! As a young adult, I truly feel that my calling in life is to help the next generation of teens by sharing my story. I currently speak at Middle Schools and High Schools across the Country about anxiety, loving yourself and being in tune with your body. I have worked very hard to create the space that I so desperately craved growing up. Having open, honest and positive conversations is what this generation of teenagers need. I believe some people are put on this earth just to help, heal and be a change agent in other people’s lives.


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